Sergi ML – November 9, 2018

Young Català Artist Sergi Muñoz Lozano Exhibition Opening November 9, 2018 from 7 to 10 PM. Showcasing Sergi’s latest works on canvas and paper. Exhibition up until November 24, 2018.

Born in 1994 Barcelona, Catalunya. Sergi Muñoz Lozano took a liking to art as his mother was a painter. He started his studies in design and illustration at Escola Monaco in Sant Cugat del Vallès. Thereafter continuing to Escola Massana in Barcelona where he studied various artistic disciplines focusing especially on painting until he found his own style of expression.

Sergi’s paintings are both unique, personal and carry an emotional burden from his inner world. He expresses much interest in psychology and its forms in energy and dynamism through use of different textures and materials, such as his big spots, drips, line work, letters, writings and photographs. Sergi also applies to his paintings an abstract combination of his experience in street art and graffiti where he intervenes and plays a lot with unique faces and appearances built up with different layers of new found materials.

Applying the same techniques as on canvas, Sergi has also painted several murals in different institutes, cultural houses, and residential areas of Barcelona.

His oversized faces with their abstract details and textures are truly riveting and captivating. When standing in front of one, you cannot help but get a sense of overwhelming awe that fills your vision. Described by others, his works are truly punchy, powerful and divine like.


Tot Sant Cugat
“Sergi Muñoz, el jove artista que veu en l’art un esforç que es gaudeix”
By Cinta Caballé i Curto
Catalunya, Spain – October 24, 2018