Ali Franco – Erotic Art

Lisbon, Portugal

Born 1980 in the Ukraine to an open minded and artistic family.
In those days the Ukraine was considered the Soviet Union and Ali’s father was not a fan of the system. It was no surprise that Ali would follow in the steps of his artistic family. Ali currently resides in Portugal and to this day, his father is his primary teacher and main critic.

For many years Ali worked as a book and game illustrator and had various exhibitions in classical art ranging in portraiture to landscapes. Yet something was missing and in 2016 Ali left everything behind to pursue his passion of capturing the male form.

Ali creates his works with traditional acrylics on canvas and digital art making. He has mastered the capturing of the male physic and beauty into a distinctive style that is all his own, from male erotic art to gay art and homosexual senses his creations ignite a sense of wanting more. His works are vivid and riveting, the use of fine and precise detail that make up strands of hairs, eyelashes to elements of clothing and not to mention the realistic shades of skin colors, beads of sweat and wet lips would give any viewer the sense of wanting.

Ali pulls inspiration from theatre, cabaret, burlesque, boylesque, opera, mythology, French, Italian, Spanish and Greek history. He thrives and pushes his own boundaries in capturing the pure beauty, emotion and sensuality with every brush stroke.



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