Catia Massa – April 4, 2018

Opening April 4, 2018 / Exhibition run to April 30, 2018.

Fine Artist

Catia Massa, is an Italian self-taught painter who lives in Barcelona, Spain. She is also a member of the Real Circulo Artistico de Barcelona. Catia embraced painting as early as child hood. Inspired by a deep passion for color, she began to mark her path as a painter.

As she dove into the research of color, Catia found herself immersed in an excitement of productivity that has produced a rich and electric body of work created with oils on canvas and paper ranging from figurative to abstract. Catia is on a constant search of a balance that she applies to her paintings, exactly as it happens in life.

Catia currently exhibits in Europe and the United States. Her works have been shown in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Milan.